Learning or unlearning voice?


Today in class, we were reviewing notes from a #pr20 tweetchat last week. One of several big topics was how to balance achieving business objectives, with adding relevant content to online communities. Which leads and which follows? The discussion was evenly split between establishing objectives first and diving into conversations first.

Objectives are important. Without them, you’re wasting time and resources. Content is important. Without that, who cares what your brand is saying?

A lot of companies, I think, are experiencing engagement phobia. Even though they’ve researched where and when to be online to a science, they can’t seem to talk the non-marketer talk. They sort of know what to say, but default to the salesman voice out of insecurity. So what do they do to combat it?… Set a detailed schedule for tweets and facebook updates that will ensure they meet objectives. The trouble is, people can sense when voice is not authentic. People do not appreciate or respect intrusion. Objectives: Not met.

Because the social space is unpredictable and people are…people, brands need to unlearn marketing voice and revert to human-speak. Online communities will help out with directing objectives if you’re part of the conversations in relevant ways. Organic voice leads to organic objectives.


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