Don’t judge me, coupons.


Like any good shopper, I like me a bargain. That’s why I like my Target REDcard. I save 5% each trip and get coupons based on what I buy. A Win in my book. But Target’s “targeting” is a somewhat contested matter. Creepy things happen. About a year ago, the store got some grief for identifying pregnant women based on items they bought (cocoa butter, vitamins, lotion, etc.).  And sending them baby coupons. Here’s the original article by New York Times. Long, but good read.


In light of a HUGE uptick in ad retargeting this year, I thought this story was worth a revisit. I can see where targeted couponing is privacy-breaching, even if it’s 100% legal. But I love it. My philosophy is this: If I’m going to get marketed to, it might as well be for things I like. Coupons are neato. 

But not this one I got:


Here’s the story. I’ve been told that prenatal vitamins are great for skin, hair, and nails. What girl isn’t tempted by this trifecta? But right before buying them, I remembered that story… Maybe it was my latent juvenile delinquency at work. Maybe it was for the thrill of it. The rush. I bought them there, just to see if Target would in fact, jump to conclusions. They did; I was couponed! Right at check-out the register spat out that gem.



But wait, it gets better. This was my homepage splash the next week.

One time, Target thought I was a vegetarian. I bought a mock-chicken tenders package by accident, and for the next four months or so I got coupons strictly for tofu, hummus, and veggie burgers. But I think we have a new reigning champ.

As long as stores target me with the things I like, keep the deals rolling.

Sidenote: Do you ever notice how slowly the grocery department men are always stocking the greek yogurt shelves… Trying to chat it up with those yogurt-buying ladies. Every time.


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