Ad du jour

“Go Olive Garden”

Ok, the last time I was actually at an Olive Garden was a bad date when I was 15/16 years old… But you gotta give Olive Garden a hand for trying to change its perception. These 2 spots show they understand a younger audience. This is more authentic than….


Does anyone else hate this Sears commercial? …Maybe it’s growing on me

Now we know the secret behind Nike Air…

Favorite ad of 2012?

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Well done Blackberry! This commercial shows that the company gets that it’s not about the phone, but what it can do to connect.

I like this commercial because of the music, duh. Apparently Microsoft itself made the cover of the classic Pixies track.

Just for fun, here are my other favorite covers of  “Where is My Mind?” Ordered starting with the most recent:

Trampled by Turtles


Maxence Cyrin

I have no idea what this UK company BASF does, but I dig the commercial! Something about chemistry. Don’t over-think it:

Favorite Shark Week commercial so far. So far-fetched. You’d be crazy not to work sharks into a spot somehow though.

“The World’s Scariest Shave”

Does this encourage French men and women to wear deodorant? Not sure, but I like it.

Pierre d’Alun from Young on Vimeo.

Work by Young

Well done Samsung and AT&T

Crest ads

(via 22 Words)

My Crest Ad

<—This is kind of clever














I tried making a Crest ad once.   ^   Not as clever

Radiolab: Symmetry 

I saw this featured on Creativity as one of its picks of the day, and wanted to check out the story behind the ad’s inspiration.

Everynone, a filmmaking team in NY,  created the video based on the latest Radiolab podcast titled, Desperately Seeking Symmetry. Besides the work Everynone does to promote Radiolab, there are a bunch of short videos worth having a look.

I couldn’t miss out on a new Radiolab podcast either, so I listened to the 60 minutes of Jad and Robert’s exploration of symmetry. Spoiler Alert: You will become self-conscious of how you part your hair.


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