Target, you get me.

Alright, Target has officially crossed over from like, into the realm of love. That mystical way it knows what I’m thinking. Target could probably finish my sentences. And it always anticipates my needs. For dinner, it knows what I’m in the mood for. On Cartwheel, it always flatters me with cute clothing suggestions. And Target, you reward me with $.05 for saving trees. It’s like a big hug at the checkout. Oh Target, you always leave a lady satisfied. Siggghhhh. I’m in love.

I may have tested you in the past (see below post), but you’ve taken the time to truly understand me. I mean really get to know me.

You’ve really outdone yourself. Once upon a time, Target thought I was pregnant. After realizing I was just looking for the health benefits pregnancy vitamins offered, Target course-corrected its couponing. The marketing data folks must have put together the big puzzle, and realized I’m just a health-conscious shopper. I stopped getting baby coupons. I started getting better, more relevant deals.


Coupons: two-for-one!



I get excited.




I used to be creeped out by hyper-targeted ads, but ya know, I think I’m a converted fan. I’ve used both of these coupons and love both products! I would have went to GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe for these specialty “health” foods, but Target saved me a trip and a few bucks by pointing me to these items! Ahh, now if only every man could read a woman’s mind like Target does 🙂


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