Just a simple idea for today- the idea that simple is good.

So many people complicate their ideas. In speeches, in the books they write, in how-to’s, in company email, in text messages, by leaving a voicemail, even in a tiny sticky note. I’m not suggesting your ideas are simple-minded. In fact, I’m sure they are jam-packed with genius. Just that your communication should be clear and simple.

1) Start with a good idea 2) Get excited about it 3) Do your homework 4) Spread idea

About the spreading… think simple.

Some people worry that by getting to the point, they risk giving away expertise. They’ll beat around the topic and only allude to what they mean, just to hold an audience for 15 minutes. Yes, if you are an expert we WANT your advice. People are DIY’ers and yes we want the tips from the pro’s. It’s true: People don’t care about what you’re selling, we just want our problems fixed. Quickly and affordably.

If you are this expert, and people are seeking you out, then what are you afraid of? If you know your stuff and are a geek about it, you should naturally love to share it.

I think some worry that they will come across as too simple. That they must compete to be bigger and better and over the top. But the truth is, there can never be too much simple. And in this cluttered world, I can bet you’ll actually stand out for it.


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