To the Thought Leader

Whoa – sounds like a big deal. People expect great things from you. People expect consistently great things from you. And people expect unequivocal success from you.

But what if you want to deviate from what you do best? To take a chance on a hobby or random venture when the success is unpredictable? Probably a lot of pressure to please everyone and get it right. I could make a list of the successful college drop-outs and self-starters who own Fortune 500 Companies that grew from basements or garages, but you can do that on your own. These “thought leaders” likely let a lot of people down before they knew success- by doing things unconventionally.

Honestly, I have respect for anyone who has a game plan and decides to go for it. If you pull a 180 in your career, I can usually get behind that as long as you provide sound reasoning for your choices. Some people fail miserably and are clearly not meant for things, like celebrity politicians for example. But hey, I bet Jesse Ventura still learned a lot about campaigning.

Go forth, thought leader. I support you- No pressure.


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