Tech in Transition

You know when people say, “This is a transitional year”? Usually they’re referring to sports teams, careers, or historical events. But think about this last year and all that has happened in the world of technology.

The Twin Cities are being closely watched as an up-and-coming tech hot spot. For good reason- we have a pocket of high caliber startups and small shops that know how to integrate everything with tech. In addition to being super specialized in digital.

These have been transitional years. Building years. Learning years. And while not everyone can afford the newest in technology, developers are nonetheless working harder than ever to assure that when we (the masses) finally can afford new laptops, phones, and tablets,  they are giving us the best experience possible. Not everything in the world of technology makes the cut: Path might be the latest in social media at the second, but not guaranteed to stick. Regardless, developers need to assure it’s up to snuff with the big guys.  The risk of failure is high in such a competitive landscape… The stakes are higher because the margin of error to succeed is smaller. These are the years we should take advantage of. Before the newest gadgets edge mainstream. When the masses are too busy with noses to the grindstone to adopt quickly.

I hope that everyone on the development front is taking advantage of these tech-transition years. Even if we’re still figuring out where technology is going, it’s a great time to make mistakes and create. And the competition sure isn’t taking a break.


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